Recovery Residence

Aaron’s House is a Recovery Residence: A social, not medical model for recovery living. This is different from a traditional transitional or halfway house.

How are we different?

The philosophy of Aaron’s House sets it apart from treatment options. Aaron’s House is a supportive residential environment where peers in recovery, led by a house mentor, live as a community and come “home” after their days filled with counseling, education, work, and recreation—sharing their successes and daily struggles. Commitment to recovery is the intrinsic responsibility of the residents. And peers will work together to help one another remain, or get back on the path, of continued sobriety. Relapse is not failure and the student residents are accepted without judgment. Whether it is due to the mistakes of youth or the challenges of recovery itself, we all fall from time to time or make poor decisions. These are growth opportunities and… a central part of living fully. What matters is commitment—to recovery, to each other, to community, and to meeting individual potentials.

Concept Program

Every step we take in creating Aaron’s House in Madison, WI is documented. Eventually what we learn will be shared with interested parties. The Aaron’s House Program should be replicated in other college communities. We will help establish similar houses for college aged men and women in recovery all across Wisconsin and the United States.

With your help, Aaron’s House implements a unique resident-centered approach to supporting young men in recovery.   Rather than a “one size fits all” philosophy, this project  focuses on the specific needs of each young man in the program. The recovery plan is age specific, personally packaged, and resident-driven.  The goal planning process, includes the student resident’s chosen team of friends, family, and mentors. The team aids and supports each student-resident in identifying prior barriers to success and strategies for overcoming these issues.  Strengths are highlighted during this process as well as ambitions. One day at a time and emotional growth are the focus.