Podiatry Service

 Prevention Program

Do you have a plan to prevent diseases and keep residents in good health?

Do you have a podiatry service?

Do they take care of vaccinating them against the flu and pneumonia? Charges -Does the residential center provide in writing and detail the price of all services included in the monthly rate? – Do you have extra services, such as a hairdresser? Are the costs of additional services explicit? Security – Does the residence have sufficient security measures? – Are my relative’s belongings safe in his room? Residents, families, and satisfaction

 Can you talk to the staff, the residents and the families of the residents? Can you ask them if they are satisfied with the residence? Do you see them comfortable?

 Marta and her sisters, although they did not have this information, ended up choosing well. The first days were tough. The feeling of guilt did not leave them. His mother also took some time to get used to his new home.

 But the residence allowed his mother to go out every day: morning and afternoon. The activity that he liked the most. And when he suffered a crisis, he had the care of a doctor and several nurses, day and night. They felt all the support of the staff that took care of her.

 They were able to enter and leave the residence when they wanted. They stayed many nights with their mother, caressing her, giving her all their affection. In the end, his room became his home. That is the power of mothers, who flood all the places where they stay with heat. A heat that always longs for.

Tips on cheap decorating ideas for your new residence

Moving can be an excellent opportunity to renovate spaces, to get rid of those things that we no longer served or not used and to choose new criteria for decoration. When you enter your new home and observe boxes and objects everywhere, it’s when you ask yourself where to start. So that you do not lose your calm we will give you some tips that will help you to organize yourself:

  • Move the boxes to each of the previously designated rooms according to the labels they have: “kitchen,” “bathroom,” “bedroom,” etc.
  • Riding the beds is the most important since you need to sleep the first night.
  • Organize the furniture and larger appliances. Give priority to the refrigerator to be able to count on drinks and fresh foods and to the armchair so that you feel comfortable and perceive in this way a smaller disorder.
  • Once the above is solved, you can begin to place the details as picture frames, ornaments. It is the time to start decorating your new home. For this, keep in mind.