About Us

Aaron’s House is a unique peer support opportunity for young men who commit to a recovery lifestyle including formal education, employment, and recovery step work.  Evidence shows education is a key factor in long-term recovery for young adults. To live at Aaron’s House, the resident is expected to be engaged in formal education at an appropriate level as determined by his professional counselor. The residents at Aaron’s House are Student Residents.

The Aaron J. Meyer Foundation, Inc. provides leadership through a House Mentor. The House Mentor is the go-to adult in the house for the Student Residents to assist in keeping their recovery on track.  He is not a professional counselor, (although he may have some counseling education) the House Mentor is valuable to the process for being a responsible role-model who strives to help the Student Residents build real life skills, and maintain focus on their Individual Lifestyle Plan (ILP)*.

The House Mentor maintains a daily presence in the house, spends at least two nights per week in the house, meets with each Student Resident for one-on-one check-ins, and attends weekly House Meetings with the Student Residents. To be effective in assisting the Student Residents with their goals, the House Mentor leads by example, facilitates house operation discussions, guides the Student Resident in keeping a focus on their Individual Lifestyle Plan (ILP), and coordinates community resources to assist the Student Residents in recovery (employment, education, daily living, etc.)

The Aaron J. Meyer Foundation, Inc. provides a professional Director of Resident Services (DRS) who does hold counseling credentials. The DRS is available to the Student Residents and their professional counselors for personal communications as necessary to assist the Student Resident in their recovery work. The first job of the Director of Residential Services is to interview Student Resident Applications. Through the admission process, the applicant with the support of their personal counselor family, and support network will complete an *Individual Lifestyle Plan. The ILP is an overall plan of action unique to each Student Resident and covers aspects of their commitment to a daily life of education, employment, recovery and healthy living. The ILP step is guided by the DRS and the House Mentor. Once the applicant moves into Aaron’s House, he is considered a Student Resident. The Student Resident can expect the DRS to work with him, the other Student Residents, and  the House Mentor to assist  in building Peer Support in the house. The DRS facilitates weekly house meetings with the Student Residents and House Mentor. The DRS, while not the Student Residents’ recovery counselor, is available to communicate with the Student Residents professional service providers.

Admission Fees are subsidized by private fund donations. Student Residents pay $580 per month.

Comparable housing costs alone for student housing in the neighborhood is about $750 per month.